If you live in Melbourne and your house has a pool, you’ll need to make sure your pool fencing meets Victorian safety requirements by getting a pool safety certificate.

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Pool & Spa Fence Inspections

At SF Pool Fence Inspection our qualified and registered inspectors will assess whether your current pool fencing and barriers meet the required safety standards and identify any problems or issues that you need to address. If your pool fencing is deficient we will provide you with written details of what is required so that you can resolve any issues and conduct a re-inspection if required. We aim to give you peace of mind that your pool fencing is safe and effective so that you’ll never have to face the tragedy of a drowning accident.


Our inspectors can investigate your current home’s poolside environment to check your current pool safety measures or conduct a pre-purchase inspection if you are buying a home. You can trust our courteous and professional inspectors to conduct pool safety inspections, pool barrier and fencing inspections, swimming pool inspections, and spa safety inspections in the Melbourne metropolitan area and across Victoria. At SF Pool Inspection we give you peace of mind knowing that children and anyone else that enters your backyard will be safe around your pool.

Having just had our pool renovated and a new pool fence installed we called SF Pool Fence Inspection to check our pool barriers and fencing. We were confident that our pool was safe but after your inspector methodically checked our pool and its surrounds he found several problems that needed to be rectified. Thanks to his thoroughness I can now be confident that our pool meets pool safety regulations. Thanks again.
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A pool fence can only be inspected by a registered Victorian pool inspector who must be either a registered building surveyor, a registered building inspector, or a municipal building surveyor. A registered building practitioner may also carry out pool and spa safety inspections if they have the necessary additional certification.

You must conduct an inspection every four years after your first certificate of pool safety compliance is lodged with your council.

The cost of a pool fence inspection varies depending on the type of pool you have and other factors such as the tasks involved. An average residential pool inspection (with up to two access gates) costs between $175 and $200. A second inspection (which is required when problems are identified in the initial inspection) costs about $120. A pool safety certificate, issued when your pool complies with safety regulations) costs about $35. Large pools and shared pools (such as those in an apartment complex) may incur a higher cost of around $250.

Yes. Based on the 2019 Victorian law it is a requirement for owners of land that contains a swimming pool or spa (defined as being capable of holding more than a depth of 30cm of water) to register them with their relevant council to have safety fencing and barriers inspected. Once an inspection has been completed by an authorised inspector a certificate of compliance must be lodged with your council.


At SF Pool Fence Inspection our dedicated and skilled team of inspectors offers an affordable and thorough pool inspection service. We check every detail and go out of our way to make sure your pool and its fencing is as safe as possible. Properties that pass our rigorous safety standards and checks receive a pool safety certificate as required by your council.


We undertake pool safety inspections according to the best industry standards and regulations to make sure have peace of mind that your pool is safe. Once the inspection is completed successfully we provide you with the required pool safety certificates. Our goal is to ensure every pool we inspect meets Victoria’s high safety standards so that you and others are free to enjoy your pool knowing it is safe.